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Jan. 12th, 2009 @ 08:57 pm Harry and his racist comments
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

It has been a while but I wanted to vent so here I go.

What is up with all the fuss of Harry calling his mate a “paki”? Yes it was wrong from him to have said it BUT it was said 3 years ago before he was told off for wearing a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party - which he apologised for at the time.

I wish the media would get a grip and stop making a mountain of a molehill and ultimately making the situation worse than it is. Does anyone need reminding of how something small can balloon? Look at the Jonathan Ross/Russell brand gate scenario when they insulted Andrew Sachs daughter. Yes they should not have said what they said but there was only one complaint from the original show until the media turned it into I think the final tally was 40,000 complaints.

For anyone not having experienced something like the forces mentality, everyone has nicknames. Taffy for Welshman, Jock for Scotsman, fatty for the larger person, specky for the visually challenged, tiny for the vertically challenged (or even the tall people), need I go on as there are many many more?

Get a grip people and for all those offended by the term.

Be offended when it matters. Look at things in context. And for goodness sake grow a backbone.
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